Circular on Pope Francis’ Visit


The Archdiocese of Caceres will hold a special gathering on January 15, 215 at the Metropolitan Cathedral grounds to welcome and pray for Pope Francis who will be arriving in Manila on the same day for his pastoral visit to the Philippines.

All parishes, schools as well as Religious Institutions in the Archdiocese are invited to attend the said celebration. Participants are encouraged to wear Pope Francis’ T-Shirts and to bring banners with Pope Francis’ sayings and/or Vatican flaglets. Assembly time is at 4:00PM. While waiting for the faithful to assemble, the Caceres Youth Ministry will perform songs and animations featuring the theme song of the Pope’s Visit.

At 4:30 PM the Holy Eucharist will be held. Catechesis and Audio Visual Presentations on the Pope’s Visit will be shown. Hopefully, the Pope’s arrival and his message will be aired live after the mass.

The said gathering will also be an occasion to send-off the delegates of the Archdiocese to the activities connected with the Pope’s Visit in Manila. Around 30 priests and almost 200 seminarians, religious, and lay from Caceres will attend the Mass of the Pope at the Manila Cathedral and at the Quirino Grandstand on January 16 and 18 respectively. There are also organized youth representatives to attend Pope Francis’ Meeting with the Youth at UST grounds.

Moreover, I encourage all parishes and religious communities to join the call of the CBCP for THREE DAYS of prayer for the successful and meaningful visit of POPE FRANCIS. I enjoin them to intensity our preparation in the parishes and communities through the recitation of PRAYER FOR THE PAPAL VISIT (see attached document) and through Holy Hour starting January 12 to January 14, 2015.

May these activities manifest our solidarity with the Church in the Philippines in welcoming His Holiness, Pope Francis.

Given at our Chancery Office, Pilgrim City of Naga, Republic of the Philippines, this 8th day of January, in the year of our Lord, 2015.

In Christ,

Archbishop of Caceres


Bago kanPamibi Paka communion sa lambang misa poon sa Enero 13-14, 2015

Dios nin pagkaherak asin pagmalasakit, minadolok kami saimosa samuyang mga pangangaipo, asin iniitaas niamo saimo an samuyang nacion mantang kami nag-aandam sa pagsung ko samo ni Santo Papa Francisco.

Salambang pag-arang, durungan na sasabihon:

Bendicionian saimong Simbahan Kagurangnan!

Tanganing kami magin dayupot sa Santo Papa, an Vicario ni Cristo sa kinaban.

Bendicioni an saimong Simbahan Kagurangnan!

Tanganing kami magin maorop sa pagsabat asin paghinanyog ki Santo Papa Francisco.

Bendicioni an saimong Simbahan Kagurangnan!

Tanganing kami magin maheherakon sa mga dukha asin mga nangangaipo


Tanganing kami magin maheherakon sa mga maluya asin mga nawawara.


Tanganing kami mapakumbabang mag-ako kan samuyang mga kasalan asin magbalik sa Dios.

Bendicioni an saimong Simbahan Kagurangnan!

Tanganing kami padagos asin maimbod na mag-ako kan Banal na Comunion.

Bendicioni an saimong Simbahan Kagurangnan!

Mamibi kita

Dios na samuyang Ama, kami gabos saimong mga aki. Giboha kaming sarong nación nin pagkaherak asin pagmalasakit, maorop sa pagsabat ki Santo Papa Francisco. Giboha kaming nación nin kabanalan asin kabayanihan, huli ki Cristo samong Kagurangnan. Amen.