Caceres prepares for the Peñafrancia Fiesta


The Archdiocese of Caceres through the Peñafrancia Basilica Minore will once again celebrate the Annual Feast of Our Lady of Peñafrancia come September.

Tens of thousands of pilgrims, devotees, tourists will again flock to the Pilgrim City of Naga   for a month -long festivities in honor of Regional Patroness  of Bicol,  endearingly addressed by Bicolanos as INA (mother). The festivities begin with the famous Traslacion procession on September 11, 2015 during which the images of the Lady of Peñafrancia and the Divino Rostro (Holy Face) are brought by barefooted male voyadores from the Peñafrancia Old Shrine  through the main streets of the city to the Metropolitan Cathedral. The Archbishop of Caceres, Most Rev Rolando J. Tria Tirona OCD, DD together with other Bicolano Bishops and clergy will celebrate the mass upon the arrival of INA at the Cathedral. The novenary of masses will be held there and will culminate with the Fluvial Procession on Sept. 19 wherein the Image of Our Lady will be brought back to the Basilica Minore. The Nagueño Apostolic Nuncio to Australia, Archbishop Adolfo Tito Yllana will be the Main Celebrant and Preacher of the Pontifical Mass after the Fluvial Procession.

The theme for this year’s fiesta is: Living out God’s Mercy and Compassion in the Year of the Poor.”  An official logo for this year’s fiesta was also released by the Commission on Worship and Litugical Arts. The logo bears the symbolism of two pairs of hands holding the image of INA and Jesus present in the Eucharist in the form of the bread. The hands symbolize the act of sharing which is our response to the call of the Year of the Poor. Our Lord in the Eucharist is the center of all our engagement with, in, for and to the poor, gazing into us. It is in the Eucharist that exemplifies Jesus’ mercy and compassion. He gave His body and blood to us who were impoverished due to sin. The image of INA emphasizes the abiding presence of Our Mother in all our sufferings. We share Ina to our poor brothers and sisters so that they will be enriched by the love and care so that they will find hope in her Son Jesus.