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Catholic Population: At present, Caceres has a total population of 1,443,367. 93.9 % or 1,356,565 are baptized Catholics distributed in 93 parishes.

Seminaries: At Present the Archdiocese is blessed with __ number of priests. With two Seminaries namely the Holy Rosary Minor Seminary and Holy Rosary Major Seminary with the average number ordained priest per year is eight (8).

Ratio of Priests and Population: The Archdiocese has 274 Diocesan and religious priests and deacons and a Catholic population of 1,356,565. Thus, the ratio is 1: 4,950 or One ordained minister per 4,950 Catholics.

Parishes: It has 93 parishes.


The The Archdicoese of Caceres (formerly Diocese of Nueva Cáceres) was established as the suffragan of Manila on August 14, 1595.[1] This was by virtue of the Papal Bull “Super specula militantis ecclesiae” issued by Clement VIII. The diocese extended over the provinces of Camarines and Albay as far as and including the islands of Ticao, Masbate, Burias and Catanduanes; the province of Tayabas as far as and including Lucban; and, in the contracosta of Mauban to Binangonan, Polo, Baler and Casiguran. The official name given to the ecclesiastical jurisdiction is “Ecclesia Cacerensis in Indiis Orientalius.” The name was taken from “Ciudad de Cáceres,” also indicated as the seat of the diocese. Friar Luís de Maldonado, OFM was appointed the first bishop of the Diocese of Cáceres. It was elevated to the status of archdiocese on June 29, 1951 through the virtue of the Papal Bull “Quo in Philippine Republica” by Pope Pius XII. The Papal Bull also created its two Suffragan Sees: The Diocese of Legazpi and Sorsogon.

The Archbishop Leonard Legaspi O.P., who was also the first Filipino Rector Magnificus of the Pontifical and Royal University of Santo Tomas, and the first Vicar of the Dominican Province of the Philippines.

According to a Holy See Press Office Vatican Information Service (VIS) online news release, on Saturday, September 8, 2012, Pope Benedict XVI had appointed Bishop Prelate of the Roman Catholic Territorial Prelature of Infanta Rolando J. Tria Tirona, O.C.D., as Metropolitan Archbishop of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Cáceres, to succeed the retiring Archbishop Legaspi.

Foundation of the Diocese and the Territory

Evangelized first by the Augustinians in 1569, then by the  Franciscans in 1578 who did the systematic evangelization, the ‘Diocesis de Caceres’ was established by Pope Clement VIII in 1595 along with the Dioceses of Nueva Segovia and Cebu as suffragans of Manila.  It later came to be known as ‘Diocesis de Nueva Caceres’. The ecclesiastical territory of Nueva Caceres included the whole Region of Bikol, the Quezon Provinces, up to Palanan, Isabela.  It was the smallest of the four ecclesiastical territories at the time.

Highlights and Contributions
The history of the Diocese includes the following highlights:

  • In 1706, Bishop Andres Gonzales, O.P., ordained the first Bicolano and second Filipino priest in the the person of Don Gregorio Cabalquinto.
  • In 1710, Padre Miguel Robles de Covarubbias  introduced the devotion to  Nuestra Señora de Peñafrancia.
  • In 1797, the Casa de Clerigos (seminary) was estalished during the incumbency of Bishop Domingo Collantes, O.P.
  • In 1865, Bishop Francisco Gainza, O.P., invited the Vincentians to sytematize seminary formation and the Daughters of Charity to open the Colegio de Sta Isabel, the first normal school for girls in the Philippines.  The seminary and the colegio were best centers of learning outside Manila.  Bishop Gainza initiated ecclesiastical reforms and fostered closer relationship with the Holy See.
  • In 1905, Msgr. Jorge Barlin was appointed Bishop of Nueva Caceres. He was the very first Filipino Bishop. Barlin prevented the growth of a Nationalist schismatic movement when he won the supreme court case against the aglipayans.

Mother of New Dioceses

  • After more than three centuries since its foundation, Caceres gave birth to the Diocese of Lipa in 1910, from which later came forth the Dioceses of Lucena San Pablo Gumaca and Infant .  Caceres became a purely Bikol territory.
  • In 1951, Caceres was elevated into an Archdiocese, giving birth to the Dioceses of Legaspi and Sorsogon. From these two came the Dioceses of Masbate and Virac.
  • In 1974, the Diocese of Daet was separated from Caceres.
  • In 1990, the first District of Camarines Sur, came to be the Prelature of Libmanan. Last year, 2009, Libmanan was elevated into a Diocese. From the 56 original parishes of the Archdiocese, 18 were given to the newly created prelature.

Suffragan Dioceses

 Diocese_of_Daet_Logo  logo-diocese.1  Coat of arms of the Diocese of Libmanan  Diocese of masbate  Diocese of Sorsogon  virac_seal


Luis Maldonado, O.F.M. 1595
Francisco Ortega, O.S.A. 13 Sep 1599 1602 Died
Baltazar de Cobarrubias y Múñoz, O.S.A. 1603 6 June 1605 Appointed, Bishop of Antequera, Oaxaca
Pedro de Godinez, O.F.M. 12 Dec 1605
Pedro Matias 17 Sep 1612
Diego Guevara, O.S.A. 3 Aug 1616 1623 Died
Luis de Cañizares, O.M. 1 Jul 1624 19 Jun 1628 Appointed, Coadjutor Bishop of Comayagua
Francisco Zamudio y Abendano, O.S.A. 10 Jul 1628 1639 Died
Nicolas de Zaldivar y Zapata 2 May 1644 1646 Died
Antonio de San Gregorio, O.F.M. 17 Nov 1659 1661 Died
Andres Gonzalez, O.P. 10 Sep 1685 14 Feb 1709 Died
Domingo de Valencia 10 Jan 1718 21 Jun 1719 Died
Felipe Molina y Figueroa 20 Nov 1724 1 May 1738
Isidro de Arevalo 29 Aug 1740 1751 Died
Manuel de Matos, O.F.M. 11 Feb 1754 24 Feb 1767 Died
Antonio de Luna, O.F.M. 19 Dec 1768 16 Apr 1773 Died
Juan Antonio Gallego y Orbigo, O.F.M. 14 Dec 1778 15 Dec 1788 Appointed, Archbishop of Manila
Juan García Ruiz, O.S.A. 26 Jun 1784 2 May 1796 Died
Domingo Collantes, O.P. 15 Dec 1788 23 Jul 1808 Died
Bernardo de la Inmaculada Concepción García Hernández (Fernandez Perdigon), O.F.M. 23 Sep 1816 9 Oct 1829 Died
Juan Antonio Lillo, O.F.M. 28 Feb 1831 3 Dec 1840 Died
Vicente Barreiro y Pérez, O.S.A. 19 Jan 1846 Appointed 14 Apr 1848 Appointed, Bishop of Nueva Segovia
Manuel Grijalvo y Mínguez 14 Apr 1848 13 Nov 1861 Died
Francisco Gainza y Escobás, O.P. 1861 1880 Died
Casimiro Herrero y Pérez, O.S.A. 1 Oct 1880 12 Nov 1886 Died
Arsenio del Campo y Monasterio, O.S.A. 25 Nov 1887 20 Jul 1903 Resigned
Jorge Barlin y Imperial 14 Dec 1905 4 Sep 1909 Died
John Bernard MacGinley 2 Apr 1910 24 Mar 1924 Appointed, Bishop of Monterey-Fresno, California
Francisco Javier Reyes 20 Jun 1925 15 Dec 1937 Died
Pedro Paulo Santos 21 May 1938 6 Apr 1965 Died
Teopisto Valderrama Alberto 6 Apr 1965 20 Oct 1983 Resigned
Leonardo Zamora Legaspi, O.P. D.D 20 Oct 1983 8 September 2012 Resigned
Rolando Octavus Joven Tria Tirona, O.C.D. D.D 8 Sept 2012 Present –